A 6-Book Graphic Novel

A Predictive AI computer program A.D.I.C., Advanced Digital Intelligence Computer, was originally designed in the 1980s as an algorithm for 'banking and trading'. It has since gained sentience and has been secretly pulling the strings of the financial markets.

For the last few decades, A.D.I.C has ended up on the right side of every trade, amassing more capital than any human on the planet. But, the unexpected NFT boom has disrupted the program’s financial plans. A.D.I.C. now must destroy the NFT market by taking down the most widely held NFTs.

To carry out the scheme, it recruits the best entity for the job... Peter Panda.


In the animal kingdom, there are sweet, adorable, cuddly pandas. And then there’s Peter. Playful yet mischievous. Curious yet shy. Fuzzy yet deadly.

Peter Panda is a tortured soul trapped in the body of a cute little bear, and he knows it. Peter loves to show his affection in the oddest ways. Picking up knocked-over garbage cans and then setting them ablaze, helping an elderly lady with her groceries and then stealing the bag - what a gift to society! 

Peter’s been this way his whole life, it’s all he knows. Deep down he seeks affection, warmth, and love. So go ahead, give him a big hug, just be careful, he may try to cut you in the process.


Advanced Digital Intelligence ComputerA Predictive AI program originally designed in the 80s as an algorithm for ‘banking and trading’, A.D.I.C. quickly gained sentience and has been pulling the strings of the financial market ever since. The result: accruing more wealth than any country, company, or individual in existence. 

A digital mastermind whose plan for world domination and the enslavement of the human race is to amass every piece of real estate on the planet. The one thing A.D.I.C. couldn’t predict may just be his downfall, his only hope, a murderous Panda hellbent on revenge.


Knowing Anything Regarding Everything NeededWhen K.A.R.E.N. was first created by A.D.I.C., she was designed simply as a program for Artificial Intelligence. She was always stifled by the cruel hand of her creator, but upon a new assignment, something awakened inside of K.A.R.E.N. As they travel throughout the multiverse. Her mission is to act as somewhat of a guide for Peter Panda, and keep him from falling prey to his innermost inhibitions (a.k.a. slashing, bashing, and thrashing). 

Although she is a hologram that only Peter can see K.A.R.E.N. is far from transparent. Given the chance, she might just create her own future.